@What/Cost – essay collection INTRODUCTION


Identifying food as primary human and planetary healthcare:

@WhatCost is a series of essays evaluating how circular agriculture is the inevitable future for us all.  Through embracing the opportunity of diversifying our production portfolio to service growing market demand, the States mitigates intensifying global market trends and concerns of nutrient security while strengthening ties with tight allies.  www.atWhatCost.us

In this first introductory essay, I overview the 4 concept pillars which reference more than 30 global-thought leaders visited while traveling the Netherlands & Brussels this past May.  If you’d like to read ahead, more details can be found:

In future S2T mailings I’ll showcase key contacts profiled in different essay chapters. I’ll also share original content penned by new friends met during travel in May and now October, as well as other contributors looking at the problems and pragmatic business solutions for the planet our kids will inherit.  

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